We aim to enable each pupil to be a successful, confident student eager to embark on their learning journey. We are aware of the importance of creative learning and this is why our curriculum is personalized to ensure it caters for individual needs.

We aim to teach children respect to our environment and link our curriculum with the local community.

We work closely with our parents and with their help we continue to enrich our curriculum through their involvement in school events.

Parents are informed about the curriculum through curriculum letters, newsletters, and homework and curriculum workshops and are always warmly encouraged to get involved in school life.


Agnieszka Weston
Founder and Director of TEP Education

Agnieszka has Master’s Degree in Pedagogy from Warsaw University. She has also completed postgraduate studies in Preschool Education with emphasis on supporting children with Special Needs. Agnieszka has considerable experience in teaching young children. She is very driven and committed to professional development, both in education and leading the team of the teachers and assistants in her preschool. Agnieszka's main theses were on ‘Bilingual children’ and ‘Emotional Development’.


Deputy Director

Justyna has been part of the team since 2003. She had started her career in the preschool as an assistant and upon completion of her MA in Pedagogy Studies in 2006 became a head teacher. For last 4 years Justyna has been in charge of the operations of the preschool as well as the admissions program.

Early Years Coordinator

Kinga joined The English Playhouse as a head-teacher for the 3+ group in 2007. She holds a MA in Marketing and Management and BA in English Philology. Kinga has continued to develop professionally doing further postgraduate studies in Pedagogy in Preschool Education and also in Teaching English to Young Children. She has constantly widened her horizons by participating in various workshops, seminars and conferences both in Poland and in Great Britain. With her experience and significant organisational and communication skills, Kinga has contributed a lot to both creating and coordinating the educational environment at our school.


Miss Agata Kwiatkowska, our Year 2 Teacher and British curriculum coordinator, has spent  six years teaching at different levels at St Anne’s Primary School in London with vast experience of working with special needs children. She has in total 13 years of experience in teaching children in primary schools.

Miss Agata Kwiatkowska graduated from Applied Linguistics at the University in Poznan, Poland.

She is a qualified English and German teacher.

Miss Kwiatkowska also possesses Qualified Teacher Status, obtained in the United Kingdom, Master’s Degree in Special Needs and Bilingual Education, as well as Postgraduate Certificate in Inclusive Education and Specialist Qualifications in Dyslexia, all gained from the Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, United Kingdom. She holds Celta Certificate obtained at the International House in London, UK.

Miss Julia Anderko is a first year teacher at The English Primary. She completed her education in the U.S.A obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology and then continuing her education to obtain a Master’s degree in Elementary and Special Education.

She did her student teaching in 3rd grade and kindergarten and had worked as an instructional assistant in preschool last year before moving to Poland to work at The English Primary. She is also the special education coordinator at The English Primary.

Miss Magdalena Woźniak, our year 2 teacher, graduated of University of Warsaw where in 2012 she received Master's degree in Pedagogy in the field of Early School Education. She has also attended many professional courses and practical workshops concerning child development and early years education. Since January 2014 she has had the opportunity to work with inspirational children at The English Playhouse and The English Primary. Miss Magda is also the Polish programme coordinator at the English Primary.

Justyna McCammon, our year 2 teacher completed her PGCE at the University of Dundee in Scotland. Upon completion of her PGCE she worked full time in Catholic Primary School in Cupar, Scotland as a Year 1 teacher. She followed her heart and dreams from the childhood and moved internationally to Kazachstan where she taught in a prestigious British School  - Haileybury Almaty. She worked there in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as well as she was the Art and DT coordinator for the whole primary school. After 7 years of teaching British schools and delivering the English curriculum Ms McCammon is a very capable support for the children in The English Primary.

All our teachers are fully qualified pre-school and nursery teachers from Poland and the UK. They are supported by highly qualified support staff such as a speech therapist, psychologist, and music, gymnastic, PE and language teachers. Our non-native speakers are all fluent in English. Our teaching staff engage in regular training and development to ensure that they are all up-to-date with the latest methods and curriculum changes. All staff have thorough MEDICAL checks and First Aid Training and we also carry out POLICE screening on everyone working within the school.

Some of the specialists we employ such as our psychologist or speech therapist are also available to parents for private consultations.




We have over 10 years of experience in Key Stage 1 education and even more in childcare. Our preschool has been a top choice for families in the international community for more than 17 years.

We are truly international community – over half of our pupils come from almost 30 different countries. The children speak English not only during their lessons, but also at playtime.

Our classes are no larger than 16 pupils, which allows us to nurture and support them according to their individual needs and ability.

Our classrooms are home to wide variety of nationalities, and whilst we place great importance on the English language, we encourage children to embrace their own nationalities and share information about their home countries with their classmates which can be interesting and fun for all. The majority of our children come from the international community such as the many Embassies and international companies based in Warsaw,

We understand that it is often challenging for families to move to a new country, make new friends, to learn a new language and how things work in their new country. We make a special effort to warmly welcome new students and help them quickly settle into their new school. We strive to accommodate the new parents in the best possible way by putting them in touch with relevant international groups and other parents in the school from the same nationality. Whilst there is no formal parent-teacher association, there is a friendly group of mums meeting on a regular basis with and without their children. We don't expect parents to be heavily involved in the school, but we do always welcome informal input and feedback.

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for our children. Our classrooms, play areas and eating areas are all clean and well equipped. All our buildings have indoor and outdoor spaces for free play and other activities. Our classrooms combine the most up-to-date learning materials, comprehensive arts and crafts materials, educational games and toys designed to stimulate their imagination.

Our school is located in beautiful, green and quiet part of Wilanów in the South of the city.

As a formally registered educational institution we regularly undergo checks to meet strict health and safety regulations. 

Our curriculum planning focuses on the six areas of learning: personal, social and emotional development; expressive arts and design, communication and language, literacy; mathematical development; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical development and creative development.

In Year 2 we teach the Core Curriculum Subjects including English, Science,   Phonics, Arts and Crafts, Mathematics, Topic, French, Physical Education, Swimming, Music, Handwriting, Personal, Social, and Health Education, ICT, Religious Education, Big Write and Guided Reading.

Music, Physical Education, Swimming, French and Polish are taught by the external teachers who are qualified to teach these subjects at the Primary School level.

The objectives set for each subject are taught half termly to provide children with a balanced and ambitious curriculum to develop their curiosity and critical thinking skills.