Our buildings do not allow us to have own kitchen and for that reason we have been cooperating for many years with the same catering company which seriously takes into consideration our food policy and individual demands such us special diets: vegetarian, vegan, no diary or culturally appropriate meals.

Your children can enjoy four delicious meals

  • morning snack
  • lunch (soup and main course)
  • afternoon snack
  • supper (for programme C children)

A qualified nutritionist consults all English Playhouse meals and menus.

On Veggie Wednesdays and Fruity Fridays your kids will take part in cooking classes and make their very own healthy salads, smoothies, juices, etc.

October is “One Apple a Day” month, featuring apples for children to take home and enjoy.

We are very happy to hear your comments and suggestions about catering throughout the year.


Food policy – a healthy diet plays an important part in your child’s wellbeing, ability to learn effectively and achieve their goals. At The English Playhouse we believe the school can make a major contribution to improving children’s health by increasing their knowledge and understanding of food and helping them to make healthy food choices.