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The English Playhouse

A peek into our educational offer and preschool life.

Language immersion

Diving into Language immersion

Immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language. In our preschool, children spend the day with English-speaking teachers and peers. Through playing and communicating exclusively in English, children quickly pick up new words and become increasingly confident in their English skills. By the time they reach 4 years of age, they will also start to learn how to read and write in English.

Emotional well-being

Happy and Healthy: Kids’ emotional well-being

Emotional well-being is a key factor in children’s life and education. Our caring and experienced teachers are trained to pay plenty of attention to a child’s emotional development, as well as guide pupils through expressing and dealing with their feelings and emotions.

Close to nature

The World around Us: Nature studies

Staying close to nature provides children with multiple skills, whether sensory, cognitive or social. Every day at The English Playhouse is a new opportunity to learn about their surroundings by experiencing new textures, smells, landscape And there’s no better (and more fun!) way to do it than with the company of friends and teachers with whom they can share their adventures and discoveries.

News & Events

News & Events

Our preschool is always a vibrant and lively place to be! Apart from the everyday activities, we also make sure to schedule in plenty of special events during the school year, including Christmas Nativity Shows, Easter egg hunts and Autumn Charity Picnic, Earth Day Picnic, Theatre performances, and more.

What's new in our preschool

News & Events

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help!

Because some questions are asked more often than others and we want to make sure you’re always fully informed about our policies and regulations, we’ve included a FAQ section which will hopefully help answer any of your doubts! However, if your question isn’t listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule in a visit - we will be happy to show you around our preschool and provide any additional information you may need.

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We accept children as young as 12 months and up to 6 years old.

Not at all! By immersing themselves in the language, your child will quickly learn how to communicate in English - therefore it doesn’t matter what language (or languages) they currently speak. However, as younger children rely on verbal communication less, older children might need extra support to help them switch to English communication faster.

Depending on the age, the groups consist from 12 to 20 children.

Depending on the programme the child is signed up for, we offer four meals a day: morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and supper. Parents can choose to benefit from our catering or supply their own, home-cooked meals if they wish to. Having worked with us for a number of years, our catering supplier follows all dietary requirements for young children. Because we communicate with our catering supplier on a frequent basis, it is also possible to order meals based on special dietary requirements, including vegetarian, diary-free, etc. - however, this has to be discussed with the catering company first.

To check the monthly education fees, please go to the FEES section. Four catered meals per day in our preschool cost 25zł/day in total.

You will be asked to fill out basic information in the contract form, including names, address, ID documents and your child PESEL number.

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