Close to nature

  • “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” goes the saying, and we play outside in all weather and all seasons. Weather offers different experiences, from the heat of summer and finding shade under a tree, to rainy days when raindrops land on children’s faces and puddles are perfect for joyful jumping!
  • All English Playhouse locations, whether Mokotów (Płyćwiańska, Cisowa, Obserwatorów Streets) or Wilanów-Zawady (Syta Street), feature natural places and spaces for outside play. These open spaces provide opportunities to observe and care for native wildlife and have ample natural elements – trees, plants, and grass.
  • Our language preschool is situated in beautiful, green and quiet parts of Warsaw. At TEP Mokotów, kids love to play in nearby meadows and take frequent walks to Królikarnia and Arkadia Park or other local allotments.
  • Ideal for children’s play, The English Playhouse Wilanów huge garden is also perfect for learning (including expanding language skills) as well as growing vegetables and herbs to make later their own salads or smoothies.
  • TEP family picnics, fairs and charity events take place at the Syta preschool location. This is very close to the Morysin Nature Reservoir (3-minute drive) – the best place for nature walks, environmental lessons and great discoveries.
  • Our staff member, Ms. Marta, uses her a biology background to inspire children and teachers. She ensures that we are familiar with all aspects of nature and wildlife by organising scavenger hunts and biology projects. Activities like these assure your children will gain awareness about surrounding nature and wildlife.
Close to nature