Curriculum and Language immersion

The English Playhouse curriculum applies the Early Years’ Foundation programme set out by the British Government’s Department for Education and Skills.

It also follows the requirements of the Polish Ministry of Education.

1. Literacy and mathematical development

Using the Oxford Reading Tree and Jolly Phonics literacy systems, our 4+ children make huge progress with reading and writing; we also use Heinemann and Pearson materials to introduce them to simple numeracy.

English is the only spoken language at The English Playhouse. This authentic communication will allow you children to learn a second language in a way similar to their native tongue.

Admission fee fully deductible from the fee for September. 

Empowered with a second language and appreciation for cultural diversity, your kids will be ready to embrace the multicultural world they will be running one day. We want our children to be global thinkers who accept and understand other cultures; The English Playhouse language immersion program is a gift we can give them.

English Playhouse curriculum
Expressive arts and design

2. Expressive arts and design

Expressive arts and design – Art and music are very important in a child’s development. Music will surround your children every day at The English Playhouse, either during music classes or while singing songs and playing instruments with group teachers.

Using special themes your children will do numerous arts and crafts projects using different art techniques and materials. This allows children to express themselves and expand their imagination.

The English Playhouse sensory play&art classes will assure your children improve their sensory processing skills and also create unique pieces of art.

As the English curriculum is known for its emphasis on literacy and numeracy development from an early age, at The English Playhouse we ensure this is tailored to your children’s abilities, personalities and interests.

The English speaking preschool for children from the international community

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3.Personal, social and emotional development

Personal, social and emotional development – The English Playhouse educators track current educational trends while also implementing established valued teaching methods such as aspects of Montessori, The Sherborne Developmental Method and NVC Communication.

Understanding the world – Throughout the year, each group covers various different topics for example “Around the World”, “Professions” or “Knights and Castles” which develop their understanding of their world and community. We also organise many events and trips that help children to discover cultural aspects of the world around them.

Personal, social and emotional development

4. Physical development

Physical development – The English Playhouse focuses on improving children’s fine and gross motor skills. Over the years, we noticed working on these skills has great positive impact in all learning areas.

How do we do it? Our children daily engage in lots of arts and crafts projects that include: Drawing, Cutting, Sticking, Squeezing Play-Doh, clay or pastry dough, Threading objects onto a string

The list is endless. Your children will participate in different gross motor activities and we always make sure that all physical games are fun and attractive for the kids. Ms. Ania, our wonderful PE teacher, shares her ideas and knowledge regarding the above with The English Playhouse staff at the Mokotów and Wilanów locations.

Physical Development