The Application Process

It’s easy!

Only 5 steps

to apply to our playhouse

  • Fill out the application form provided below
  • You will then be informed if there is an available place
  • To secure your place you should then pay the registration fee of 2000 zł
  • Nearer the joining date you will be required to sign a contract and pay the first instalment of fees as outlined in the contract
  • You will also receive a welcome pack containing all the practical information needed for your child’s first days at school

Please fill out an online application form: 

    Account detail

    for online application

    Contact data

    how we can contact whith You

    Postal adress (including postcode)

    Different registered adress:

    Regustered adress (including postcode - if different from above)

    About child

    tell us something about Your child


    some information about parents

    Parent One

    Parent Two

    Bank account number from which payments will be made

    *required from parents of children up to 2,5 years old for government support programme


    Legal guardian of the child - main contact person

    Billing information

    some information about payment

    Emergency case

    In case of emergency - if Parents not contactable

    Child at The English Playhouse

    Select location and days


    Child at The English Playhouse

    Additional options

    Food provided by catering company

    Some statistic

    Let's us to know where You heare about Us

    How did you first hear about The English Playhouse

    You chose the other option, please describe with one or more sentences

    Banking details – The English Playhouse Sp. z o.o

    Bank: Pekao SA
    Bank account: 07 1240 1053 1111 0010 4709 5844 
    IBAN: PL