The English Playhouse offers Summer Club to kids from all over Warsaw in both Mokotów and Wilanów location. This year the theme of the Summer Club is EARTH! WATER! FIRE! AIR! THE FOUR ELEMENTS. The Club is dedicated to children from 1 to 6 years old.

Children will participate in numerous activities which will allow them to discover and learn more about the wonderful elements of the world. They will have a chance to explore each of them individually but also see how they interact with each other as well as impact our world. It will all be done in the most fun and attractive way such as by conducting many fantastic experiments with water, wind or fire, creating your own toys like a pinwheel or water squirter, planting flowers and exploring the underground world of worms and insects while also having fun with many sensory plays. It will be a great time to learn about different sports and professions like firefighter, miner, pilot or fisherman, as well as an opportunity to build your own plane, boat, firetruck or balloon!
We are also planning some special attractions and guest visits that will be announced during the camp ;)

Should you have any problems with registering your child online, please email