End of the school year picnic
Jun 2022
This Saturday we would like to kindly invite all TEP Parents with Children and Families for our annual End-of-the-school-year picnic! Join us to watch amazing performances, enjoy fun activities and delicious food! Hope to see you all there! 

Summer Club
Jun 2022
You're not sure what attractions and entertainment should you provide for your child for the summer time? Don't worry! TEP is organising many wonderful activities all children! Join us at our Summer Club and make this summer one of the greatest for your child. The topic this year is Four Elements of the World and children are going to explore and learn about earth, water, fire and air, all done in super fun way! Check our website to sign up!

Earth Day Picnic
Apr 2022
The English Playhouse invites everyone to the annual Earth Day Picnic! :) Join us next Saturday at Syta location and together we will support DIOZ organisation. Many great activities will wait for you! See you all there! :)

Saturdays at Syta
Mar 2022
No plans for Saturdays mornings? Come and join us at Syta location! Music, sensory and art activities are waiting for all children! Please click the link below to register your child. Hope to see you there! registration link

The Book Week
Feb 2022
On Thursday, 3rd of March is the World Book Day! However in our preschool we are going to celebrate and talk about books and authors the whole following week! We will host Ms Agnieszka, the owner of Kangurek bookshop who will read and discuss some stories with each group. She will also run a Book Fair in every location where you can buy some amazing books. You can check the bookshop's offer on the website link We also cannot wait to read our children's favourite books and see the costumes of their favourite characters. What is more there will be a special Art Contest where children have to create a piece of art inspired by Julia Donaldson's books :)  It is [...]

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